Watch Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford hilariously try to define Gen Z slang words

Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford aren’t old by any means, but they’re also not as young as some of the guys in the Los Angeles Rams’ locker room. As millennials, they’re not caught up on all the slang terms the get thrown around these days.

So, the Rams’ social media team put them to the test on the latest episode of “Nine and Dime” and quizzed the quarterback and receiver on their knowledge of Gen Z slang words like rizz, cap and bussin’.

Kupp, being slightly younger than Stafford, did better than his quarterback, winning the competition 2-1. Kupp’s guess for Bussin’s definition was particularly funny.

“It’s what I think? Well, what I think is literally taking the bus somewhere,” Kupp said.

After Stafford told him that was incorrect, he took another stab at it.

“Is it some kind of riff off of rizz? Do you use rizz to bus? Can you use bus that way? Can you shorten bussin’ to bus?” Kupp asked.

“I am so confused right now,” Stafford replied.

By the looks of it, Kupp and Stafford need some of their younger teammates to help them out in this department.

Check out the full video below.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire