WATCH: Chiefs DE Frank Clark, TE Travis Kelce mic’d up for AFC Championship Game

The Kansas City Chiefs made some wise decisions when choosing players to mic up for the AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Typically, we only get one player, but this time around they mic’d up a player on offense and a player on defense. They just so happened to choose the most animated player on offense in Travis Kelce and one of the biggest characters on defense in Frank Clark. These two also happen to have a penchant for going off in the playoffs, which is exactly what they did.

“For each other baby,” Kelce said. “This is for us. This one is for us.”

“Y’all know what time it is,” Clark said. “There ain’t no more hiding.”

Clark got the party started, sacking Joe Burrow on the opening drive.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” he yelled. ‘That’s what I’m talking about.”

After returning to the sideline, he let them know what was up.

“Give me my crown,” he shouted. “I’m the king!”

Travis Kelce got on the field with the offense next and the team marched down the field and scored. Kelce was the one who caught the touchdown pass and he followed it up by running around and screaming like a madman.

When he returned to the sideline, he also let them know.

“They’re going to get some more too,” he shouted.

Later there was an interesting interaction between Joe Burrow and Clark.

“You guys are comin’ today, Frank,” Burrow said.

“Yeah,” Clark said. “Keep goin’ bro.”

Clark even did his part to help get the offensive line fired up. He challenged them on the sideline, bringing rings into the discussion.

“I need y’all to press that button,” he said. “I need y’all to push that button. All that nice talking. Push the button. Real talk. Y’all want to win a go to the Super Bowl. Push the button now.”

On the biggest play of the game, we got to see Kelce’s response to Patrick Mahomes scrambling for a first down.

“You’re a *expletive* warrior,” Kelce said. “You good?”

Of course, Mahomes was plenty good.

We also got to hear the reaction from Chiefs TE coach Tom Melvin when the clock hit double zeroes.

“Let’s go play your brother in the Super Bowl,” Melvin said to Kelce. “How about that one? Holy smokes!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire