WATCH: Chiefs DB Dicaprio Bootle makes clutch interception vs. Browns

The Kansas City Chiefs comeback effort against the Cleveland Browns is in full effect as the team attempts to take a lead for the first time since the first quarter.

Veteran defensive back Dicaprio Bootle gave Kansas City a huge boost with a clutch third-quarter interception that put the Chiefs in a position to take a one-point lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Bootle’s impressive grab set up a touchdown pass from Chris Oladokun to tight end Matt Bushman that put the Chiefs ahead after they clawed their way back from a 19-point deficit earlier in the game.

Plays like this are emblematic of Bootle’s exceptional upside in Kansas City’s defense, and none have meant more to the Chiefs than this, which turned the tide of the team’s final preseason matchup.

Now, Kansas City will just have to hold on and fritter away the final 15 minutes of game time to secure their second win of the preseason.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire