Watch C.J. Ham become a ‘real Viking’ in ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ promotion

Minnesota Vikings fullback C.J. Ham had the same question as nearly everybody that’s watched an episode of the television series Vikings: What’s it like to be real Viking?

In a hilarious promotional video featuring Netflix’s upcoming spinoff series Vikings: Valhalla, Ham throws on some body armor, picks up an axe and holds up a shield. The video then cuts to him giving a speech.

What’s a good Vikings impersonation without an epic speech?

“We’ve got to sail hard, we’ve got to sail fast,” Ham says in the video. “When we get to the battlefield, we have to be very tactical in what we do. We have to attack first and make them feel what it’s like to be a Viking. …I don’t think I can be on a boat for that long.”

Seasickness might be the only thing capable of stopping Ham at the point of attack.

The Vikings fullback has been one of the team’s unsung heroes at a position that’s been a dying breed in the NFL. He’s a much-needed throwback in the offensive backfield in helping clear a path for one of the league’s most versatile running backs, Dalvin Cook.

For some, the video might get them hyped for the much-anticipated television series, but for football fans, it just makes you miss NFL Sundays.


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