Watch: Browns’ player podcast interviews GM Andrew Berry

The Cleveland Browns released the latest episode of their player-run podcast Dawgs Only. The podcast featured Anthony Walker Jr. and Rodney McLeod Jr. hosting general manager Andrew Berry. The remixed episode let two veteran leaders ask Berry the questions for the change. It’s not every day one gets to interview the boss, but the duo does a great job of getting to know the man behind the desk. The GM was able to tell the story of his football journey.

The 36-year-old GM found enjoyment in roster construction at a young age after competing against his identical twin brother in fantasy-styled sporting games. Berry’s football journey would take him to Harvard to play cornerback before an unsuccessful tryout in the NFL would push him toward a front-office role. Starting as an office grunt, Berry quickly rose through the ranks of the Colts and Eagles organizations. He shared stories about compiling scouting reports for Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. 

Berry spoke a lot about the importance of family in helping him succeed in his career. He made sure to include his former mentor, Howie Roseman, the General Manager of the Eagles, when speaking of family. It’s interesting to hear Berry talk about his close bond with a peer and a professional adversary. 

The hour-long chat isn’t always a deep exploration of Andrew Berry’s character. The group had a lot of fun during the discussion. At one point, McLeod and Walker get Andrew Berry to publicly challenge Myles Garrett to a mini-game played in the facility. Myles Garrett would be the last person I want to challenge in any game. But what do I know? I’m not a Harvard graduate. I do know every Browns fan should check out the podcast.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire