Joe Thomas plays a great weatherman in snowy Chicago

Shutdown Corner

When you’re on injured reserve for the first time, like Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, you find creative ways to keep busy.

For Thomas, that meant trying his hand at being a weatherman on Sunday.

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(Cleveland Browns twitter)
(Cleveland Browns twitter)

The 33-year-old, dressed in a Christmas-appropriate red shirt under his blazer, recorded a video for the team website:

“If it looks like like I’m turning into a snowman,” Thomas said, “That’s because … it is snowing.”

Thomas is pretty good with the microphone; he has done some podcasts with his teammates, though his consecutive pods streak wasn’t nearly as long as his consecutive snaps played streak – he recorded two, then missed the scheduled third because of a cold.

Thomas suffered a torn triceps in Cleveland’s Week 7 game against Tennessee, ending his streak of games played at 167 and his snaps streak at 10,363. Because he was injured in the first half of the season, Thomas’ run of consecutive seasons named to the Pro Bowl has ended too – he was chosen for the annual All-Star game in each of his first 10 NFL seasons.

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