WATCH: Brandon Graham is the first to meet and welcome Saquon Barkley to Eagles

Saquon Barkley and Brandon Graham are teammates now, which means the former Michigan linebacker will never have another chance to tackle the former Penn State running back in an official NFL game.

They can still go at it in practice, and Philadelphia’s veteran pass rusher wanted to greet Barkley first before the running back arrived at the NovaCare Complex to sign his contract.

In 14 games last season, Barkley logged 962 yards and six rushing touchdowns, 41 receptions for 280 yards, and four touchdowns for the 6-11 Giants.

Barkley played six seasons for the Giants. He logged 1,201 carries for 5,211 yards, 288 catches for 2,100 yards, and has scored 47 touchdowns.

Story originally appeared on Eagles Wire