WATCH: Are the Boston Celtics a better team than we think?

A lot of ink has been spilled on why the Boston Celtics underperformed in 2020-21, and the expectations for their coming season have perhaps been affected by Boston’s underwhelming play last season. But is it fair to expect the Celtics to reproduce another .500 season given all the issues the team had with COVID-19, injury, and roster construction?

At least some fans and analysts are expecting a fairly significant step forward after Boston cleaned up its books and reshuffled their roster, adding veteran depth and doing a better job balancing positionality. Some even expect a top-four finish from the Celtics after the moves they’ve made when figuring in internal development.

Watch the video embedded below put together by YouTuber AlexHoops to hear one such take that explores whether or not Boston is a better team than perhaps some of us think they are.

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