Watch: Alligator steals little boy’s catch and fishing rod

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A 7-year-old boy showed excellent fishing skills while landing a fish from shore in Florida only to experience “the one that got away” in the most shocking fashion.

Little Dawson was fishing with his dad, Sean McMahon, in the backyard of his Palm Coast home when he hooked a largemouth bass, as reported by FOX 35 Orlando.

The proud father videotaped the entire battle, including the surprising end, and posted it on Facebook.

“You got it buddy,” Sean McMahon can be heard coaching his son. “It’s all right buddy, keep going…You got it, you got it.”

He had it until it was stolen by a hungry alligator.

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“Dawson caught a bass tonight and out of nowhere an alligator came up, ate the bass and ripped his pole into the water,” Sean McMahon explained on Facebook.

When the gator charged out of the water, Dawson quickly dropped the fishing rod and smartly retreated to safety while his father kept taping. Sean’s surprised reaction before the tape ends: “Oh. My. God.”