Watch: Aaron Donald mic’d up vs. Steelers, tells officials ‘that’s a bad spot’

There aren’t many people who believe the officials got the spot right on Kenny Pickett’s fourth-quarter sneak Sunday, sealing the Steelers’ win over the Rams. Sean McVay didn’t outright disagree with the spot, but Aaron Donald was very open about how he felt.

Donald was mic’d up during the Rams’ loss to Pittsburgh and at the end of the game, he said several times on the field, “that’s a bad spot.”

“He didn’t get it. He didn’t get that,” Donald said.

He then yelled to the sideline, presumably to McVay, “that’s a bad spot!”

Donald knew exactly what the Steelers were going to do with their sneak, too. He called it, telling Jonah Williams that Pickett was going to try hitting the B-gap to the left of the line.

“He’s going to try to go that way. He’s going to try to step and go to that B-gap. Go head-up with the guard and just knock him back,” Donald told Williams, which is exactly how it played out.

Everyone on the Rams’ defensive front did their job, and Pickett appeared to come up short, but there’s nothing else they could have done to change the outcome, being without any timeouts.

Elsewhere in the video of Donald mic’d up, he pokes fun at Matthew Stafford’s running, jokes with D-line coach Eric Henderson and does his patented stutter steps to get ready on the sideline.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire