Watch: This 7th grader from North Carolina throws down a nasty dunk

Antwan ‘AJ’ Scott seems to know one thing: You never fake the funk on a really nasty dunk. There is no fronting here, Scott is a legit phenom with a simply huge upside.

And the class of 2029 prospect (yes, do the math on that one) is a middle school standout who already has some serious elevation. Scott, from North Carolina, has explosiveness to his game that is impressive at any age.

What makes this dunk impressive, or rather even more impressive, is the fact that there appears to be some contact on the way up. But Scott still elevates and gets the dunk off, which is impressive no matter the age.


He is more than a dunker though. He has impressive range and looks like a complete prospect.


Does the name sound familiar? His father, Antwan Scott, was a former forward at Wake Forest. Every year, he grew as a player and averaged 10.0 points per game in 2001-02 as a senior forward.

Story originally appeared on High School Sports