Watch: 49ers' Marquise Goodwin surprises mom, sister with new home

Sure, San Francisco 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin isn’t the first professional athlete to buy his family members a new home, but to us, these videos never get old.

And when the recipient is rendered literally speechless, as Goodwin’s mother seems to have been by her son’s gesture, it’s enough to soften even the hardest of hearts.

‘Thank you for everything’

Goodwin posted the video on Instagram on Thursday, which starts with him with his arm around his mother, Tamina, and sister, Deja, in front of them. Both women are blindfolded.

San Francisco receiver Marquise Goodwin surprised his mother and wheelchair-bound sister with a new home. (AP)
San Francisco receiver Marquise Goodwin surprised his mother and wheelchair-bound sister with a new home. (AP)

Goodwin removes Deja’s blindfold first, and then Tamina’s. And Tamina’s reaction is priceless.


A post shared by Marquise Goodwin (@marquisegoodwin) on July 5, 2018

“I know mama…I can feel your energy in this video! All the obstacles WE have overcome…Man…I love you so much mama…thank you for EVERYTHING! Especially blessing me with a sis like my Deja!!!”

Deja has cerebral palsy and has been a lifelong inspiration for Goodwin.

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In 2013, Goodwin told ESPN, “If Deja wasn’t my sister, I feel like I would still be motivated but not in the way that I am today. Having a disabled sister, that’s a lot more motivation, especially when she tells you growing up that she wishes she can be out there with the kids playing and she wishes she can be out there running around.”

Contract extension made it possible

Goodwin thanked his wife, Morgan, a former University of Texas hurdler, for helping him with the gift for his mother and sister, but there was something else that likely played a major role: his three-year, $20 million contract extension.

Heading into his sixth NFL season, Goodwin is coming off a career year, with 56 catches for 962 yards and two touchdowns. Over half of those receptions, 29, came over the final five games of the season, when Jimmy Garoppolo was starting. That quick chemistry with the Niners’ starter led to Goodwin getting a home in San Francisco for the next few years.

After a November game last season, Goodwin revealed that he and Morgan had lost their son due to complications.