How to watch the 2022 Field of Dreams game between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds

Major League Baseball is once again coming back to Dyersville, Iowa.

The MLB's Field of Dreams game is set for August 11. This year, it'll be the Chicago Cubs taking on the Cincinnati Reds. First pitch is slated for 7:15 p.m. ET that day.

Last season, the Chicago White Sox toppled the New York Yankees with a walk-off home run from Tim Anderson. Anderson's emphatic home run gave Chicago a 9-8 win.

Here's what fans need to know in order to watch and stream the 2022 Field of Dreams game.

How to watch the Field of Dreams MLB game in 2022

When: 7:15 p.m. ET on Thursday, Aug. 11

Where: Field of Dreams ballpark in Dyersville, Iowa

TV: FOX (check local listings for channel information)

Livestream: FOX Sports

Online: MLB.TV app

What will the uniforms look like?

Here's what the Reds and Cubs will be wearing that night, as released by MLB:

Is the Field of Dreams corn real?

Having an MLB game in the middle of a cornfield is no easy feat.

Brothers Andy and Adam Rahe have been farming the land for years.

"We take a lot of pride in all our farming," Andy said. "But we take a little extra pride here too."

Who owned the Field of Dreams farm?

While the site was sold and is now owned by a company called Go the Distance, the farm was originally owned by the Lansing family.

“It’s more Lansing family farm to us than ‘Field of Dreams,’” Becky Lansing said.

How do the Cubs and Reds get to the Field of Dreams stadium?

Playing in rural Iowa makes travel a bit unusual compared to most MLB ballparks.

The teams will fly into Dubuque on the day of the game before getting a police escort to the stadium.

Will there be a Field of Dreams game in 2023?

There will not be a Field of Dreams game in 2023. Construction plans at the movie site were cited as the reason.

"It's a lot going on," said Frank Thomas, a former MLB player who is part of the new ownership group that owns and operates the "Field of Dreams" movie site. "They don't want to come back if the stadium's not prepared."

Will Kevin Costner be at the 2022 Field of Dreams game?

Actor Kevin Costner, who starred in the 1989 film, made a dramatic entrance just before first pitch at last year's Field of Dreams game. He grabbed a microphone and addressed the crowd.

"Thirty years ago, on the other side of that corn, we filmed a movie that stood the test of time," Costner added. "Tonight, thanks to that enduring impact that little movie had, it's allowed us to come here again. But now, we're on a field that Major League Baseball made."

Costner, however, reportedly won't be in attendance at this year's event.

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