WATCH: 13-year-old lands triple backflip on a BMX bike

SAN DIEGO (KSWB) – A 13-year-old BMX rider has backflipped his way onto GoPro’s elite team of professional athletes.

Connor Stitt, from Ramona, California, was one of eight selected through GoPro’s Grom Quest Challenge this month. The competition is meant to find the next generation of top action sports athletes.

Stitt’s video submission showed him setting the record for the world’s youngest person to land a triple backflip on a bike. The athlete, who said he got serious about riding BMX at the age of 8, recounted the moment he landed the backflip to Nexstar’s KSWB.

BMX rider Connor Stitt.
BMX rider Connor Stitt.

“Landing the triple backflip was unbelievable! I was definitely surprised when I pulled it off. It was something I had been dreaming of and working towards for a long time,” said Stitt. “After landing it, I felt an insane rush of excitement and a bit of relief knowing all my hard work and practice paid off. It was one of the best moments of my life!”

The teen will now be among GoPro’s newly signed young professionals. This means he will receive a monetary and equipment sponsorship from GoPro to help advance his professional career.

“Being chosen as one of GoPro’s youngest elite athletes feels absolutely amazing! I’m super grateful for this opportunity,” Stitt continued. “It’s like a dream come true, and it motivates me to push even harder and go even bigger in my riding.”

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Stitt will be showcased on GoPro’s social channels to help grow his personal brand. He will also meet and learn from GoPro’s roster of established world-class pro athletes.

“I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and how it helps me grow in my career,” the Ramona boy told KSWB. “I hope to compete in bigger competitions, meet more of my heroes, and inspire other kids around the world to chase their dreams too.”

While speaking about those who have inspired him in the sport, Stitt mentioned Ryan Williams, Logan Martin, Pat Casey and Daniel Sandoval. He praised their skills and dedication to BMX.

As far as advice for other young riders, Stitt relayed this message:

“For other young riders hoping to go pro, my advice is to never give up, follow your dreams and keep pushing even when it gets hard because there’s always a reward at the end,” said the GoPro athlete.

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