The Washington Wizards are duping A Capella singers into watching their terrible team. And singing

Ball Don't Lie

Hurry up and get to the Verizon Center, all of you Washington D.C.-area harmonizing dandies. The Washington Wizards are putting together an "A Capella Competition" before Monday night's "Worst Game Ever" between the Wizards and the Charlotte Bobcats, who are owners of the two lousiest records in the NBA.

Winners of the competition will be allowed (I suppose that's the best way to put it) to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" before Thursday night's Wizards contest against the Miami Heat, a game you can just about guarantee that no member of the Heat's Big Three will suit up for. Also, if this wasn't awful enough, all registrants in Monday's contest will have to spend in upwards of $35 per group member to audition. Also, you get a ticket to Monday's game. Monday's Bobcats vs. Wizards game. A game that, mind you, tickets are currently selling for one dollar apiece for.

An a capella contest as a warm-up act to Washington Wizards duel with the Charlotte Bobcats. We're really wishing those Mayans would have turned the clock up a few months. No thanks to Mike Prada for this awful, awful hat tip.

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