Washington tight end Logan Thomas reportedly lost for season

What happened to Logan Thomas?

Washington led the Raiders 14-12 with exactly ten minutes remaining, facing a second-and-2 at its own 28 yard-line. Antonio Gibson lined up behind Heinicke and from outside the right hash mark, DeAndre Carter began to come in motion left.

At the snap of the ball, Heinicke turned to his right, handing off to Gibson who appeared to be heading behind right guard Brandon Scherff. Sure enough Scherff turned his man to the right, and center Keith Ismael, with no one lined directly over him, went to the second level and stopped linebacker K J Wright from getting to Gibson.

Gibson on the play gained eight yards to the 36, and replay even revealed Scherff clapping in approval that Gibson had run hard through the hole created by Scherff and Ismael.

Back to Thomas, who had been lined up just behind and outside of right tackle Cornelius Lucas. At the snap, Thomas came across the formation left, aiming to cut off any possible Raider penetration from the back side. As Thomas neared Raider defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, Ngakoue seemed to unnecessarily, go directly toward the left knee of Thomas.

Thomas was seen instantly in pain, grabbing his left knee. One hour after the game Adam Schefter reported the bad news.

This is a big blow to the Washington offense as the team winning four straight is making a late-season push for the playoffs. Thomas was going to be a big part of the red zone attack down the stretch. Logan, we at Washington Wire are sorry for this unfortunate injury and certainly wish you the best.