Washington State Senate honors former Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

It no secret to anyone in our great country that we are divided politically. It is all the more evident as we enter into another presidential election year. But it is encouraging to see brief moments in the political arena where those on either side of the aisle can come together in unity.

Sports are often a vessel for such unity. Sure, there are rivalries between teams and opposing fan bases. But for those in the same fanbase? Harmony.

Such is the case for the 12th Man. Seattle and the Puget Sound area is more liberal, whereas the rest of the state is more conservative. Yet those who are red or blue put those differences aside on Sundays to become neon green.

It is currently towards the end of the legislative session in Washington, but the State Senate did take time earlier in February to honor former Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Senator Ann Rivers from La Center (R-LD18) introduced a resolution in the Senate to thank Carroll for his 14 years. While Senator Rivers was the prime sponsor, twenty other senators co-sponsored the resolution. Both Democrats and Republicans, from all over the state.

A copy of the resolution can be seen here.

Fortunately, this was not a divisive political issue in the State Senate, as the resolution passed.

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