Washington QBs coach on Dwayne Haskins: 'Let’s not rush to judgment'

Peter Hailey
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Washington QBs coach on Haskins: 'Let’s not rush to judgment' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

While it's unknown if Dwayne Haskins will ever take another snap in Washington, the 2019 first-round selection should have more NFL action in front of him. Perhaps even a lot more.

Up to this point, 2020 hasn't gone the way Haskins or any of his supporters envisioned it would after what was considered an excellent offseason and a needed regime change for the organization that drafted him.

However, if you ask his current quarterbacks coach, there's no reason to assume that he'll never amount to anything in the league just because his first year-and-a-half or so have been disappointing.

"There are very few who can throw the ball that way," Ken Zampese said on Friday about Haskins during a Zoom session with the media. "Let’s not rush to judgment on anything." 

Zampese has been involved in coaching football for decades now, and he's done so at all levels. There's no way he'd step up to a podium and declare Haskins a bust, but still, his endorsement was relatively notable.

Since being benched after Week 4, Haskins has gone from third string and inactive on Sundays to Alex Smith's backup. Kyle Allen's severe injury was a major factor in that move up the depth chart, and possibly the only factor. Regardless, Haskins now has more incentive to work due to being one play away from taking the field, and Zampese is definitely working him.

"We're trying to accelerate that learning curve," Zampese said. "We've spent a lot of time talking about how to take notes... [We] test guys at the end of the week. They've got to draw up plays and reads and spit 'em back to you. So we're constantly making our young guys jump through those hoops so they can really digest that information."

As Zampese mentioned, the questions with Haskins rarely focus on No. 7's physical tools. Ron Rivera also discusses how electric Haskins' arm is practically every time he comes up, and he's very imposing in the pocket as well with his size.

There are many concerns about his approach, however, and how much time he devotes to improving. That side of the job is arguably more crucial than any athletic gifts, and it's something Haskins needs to bolster in order to stick in the pros, whether that's in Washington or somewhere else.

Zampese said that young QBs "need a little TLC," and it sounds like Haskins is getting that. The 23-year-old has to take ownership too, though, or else he'll be MIA from the NFL long before he should be.