Washington-Post-Schar School poll: Majority of fans want Commanders back in DC

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The majority of people in the DMV want the new Commanders stadium to be built in D.C., according to a new Washington PostSchar School poll.

Just a few weeks ago, the National Park Service said the stadium could be demolished but there’s still a big hurdle in Congress.

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As more signs point to the District being able to build a new stadium where RFK sits, the new poll said it’s what fans want.

“Of course, we want them here,” one fan said.

The new poll finds that overall, 51% of people in the area want the stadium in D.C. compared to the 44% of people last year. Among Commanders fans only, that grows to 63% and among D.C. residents, it grows to 76%.

“It would encourage me to go more often,” said Gale Sullivan, a fan from Silver Spring in Maryland.

Terry Clower is the director of the Center for Regional Analysis in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.

“There never was a whole lot of ancillary development ever happen around, you know, what used to be called FedEx Field,” Clower said.

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Even Maryland fans in Prince George’s County want the stadium in the District. Forty-eight percent of residents prefer the team return to D.C. while 34% believe it should stay, according to Clower.

“Perhaps thinking back to the time of what we could call the ‘old glory days,’ I guess if you would, that the team is associated with the District,” Clower said.

Still, some don’t want the traffic in town.

“I think it should stay exactly where it is,” said Anthony Harris.

The Post-Schar poll also found increased support for public funding. Compared to just 30% in 2022, this poll finds 47% of people support D.C. helping to finance a new stadium.

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Clower said that particular change could be because of new ownership after Dan Snyder sold the team to Josh Harris and associates.

“I remember going to RFK. I loved it. I mean, remember that place used to rock. And I’d love for them to come back here,” said Schwan Ahmed.

The U.S. House passed a bill in February allowing for redevelopment on the RFK site but it still has to pass the Senate. That could be held up by Montana Sen. Steve Daines who wants the Commanders to honor a Native American family that helped design the team’s former logo.

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