Washington Football Team retains Dwayne Haskins at NFL Trade Deadline

Peter Hailey
·2 min read

Washington Football Team retains Dwayne Haskins at NFL Trade Deadline originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Dwayne Haskins apparently would’ve welcomed a ticket out of town, while the Washington Football Team and Ron Rivera have shown with their recent actions that they don’t have much use for him going forward.

Yet despite those two things, Haskins wasn’t moved on Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline. 

That means what started out as a promising season and then quickly devolved into a distracting saga will fizzle out over the next few months as the quarterback likely won’t see the field again, barring anything unforeseen.

Haskins has flaws, yes — with the more concerning ones relating to how he reportedly acts away from the field — but he also has some real talent and hasn’t had a real opportunity to showcase his full ability. When benching the QB in October, Rivera explained that he saw enough in Haskins' four starts this year and the six he had last year, but that certainly isn’t a huge sample size compared to what other young passers have gotten.

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Therefore, there was a thought that some other organization in the league would take a chance on the former 15th overall pick by acquiring him on Tuesday. Doing so wouldn’t have cost much, especially considering how highly he was selected just two drafts ago. Wouldn't someone take him on as a project?

Well, due to what didn’t unfold, the answer to that question has revealed itself as a no. So, Washington will instead hold onto Haskins for the rest of the schedule, keep him inactive unless there’s a reason to have him dress for a game, then probably offload him this offseason.

A trade would’ve been the best outcome for both sides, but often times, the best outcome isn’t the one that occurs. Both sides could’ve done more to encourage a deal, too, but now, they will remain together for a little longer. The awkward relationship is nearing its end, but it isn’t done quite yet.