Washington County’s Team: Crockett, Boone athletes compete together in boy’s volleyball

(WJHL) – When it comes to high school sports in Washington County, Tennessee, you’re either a Pioneer or a Trailblazer – David Crockett or Daniel Boone.

However, one boy’s volleyball team has broken that mold in the last few seasons.

The jerseys of the Jonesborough based club volleyball team say ‘Crockett’ across the front. But, looks can be deceiving.

“We’re kind of like Washington County’s team,” head coach Tucker Knouse explained.

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For the last two years, a handful of Daniel Boone student-athletes have made the trip over to David Crockett to compete together in boy’s volleyball.

This season, Boone juniors Lennon Colyer and Caleb Bishop have helped lead the squad to a 6-8 regular season. And, they have no reservations about wearing a David Crockett jersey.

“No, not really,” Bishop said. “The part I like about it is you’re taking one school – two rivalry schools – and you’re coming together. These guys are my family – I’ve grown with them for two years now.”

“I feel like when I’m out there on the court with these people, it just fades away,” Colyer added. “I mean, they’re my teammates, they’re my friends, they’re my family.”

As for the David Crockett guys, they felt the exact same way – almost right away.

“We were really happy,” junior Layton Street said. “We needed people, and especially these guys – they’re really good.”

“We all love each other, we’re all human – it’s what we do,” the team’s lone senior Bradford Garland explained. “We just come together and have fun.”

Knouse, a former assistant on the team, has taken over in his first seasons as head coach. He believes this group is a perfect example of how sports can transcend – even above bitter rivalries.

“I mean, they’re volleyball players and they want to win,” he said. “So, when we get on the court the goal is the same.”

“They might go to rival high schools, but they’re not rivals on the court right now.”

Crockett’s season will conclude at the Big 8 Conference championship tournament, which is set for Thursday at Science Hill High School.

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