House committee accepts Commanders owner Dan Snyder's offer to testify, but only under subpoena

Team co-owner Dan Snyder
The House Committee on Oversight and Reform said Dan Snyder must testify under a subpoena rather than voluntarily. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform agreed to allow Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder to testify remotely later this month, it said Tuesday.

Snyder will do it under a subpoena instead of voluntarily, as his attorney requested.

Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) wrote in a letter to Snyder’s attorney Tuesday informing him that it will accept his testimony under a subpoena, which it reissued Tuesday. Snyder has until Wednesday at noon to accept.

This marks the second subpoena the committee has issued Snyder, though he declined to accept the first one.

While it seems like a technicality, Maloney said that the committee wanted Snyder to testify under a subpoena to ensure that his “testimony will be full and complete and will not be restricted in the way it would be if the deposition were conducted voluntarily,” according to ESPN.

"Mr. Snyder has a troubling history of using NDAs to cover up workplace misconduct — behavior that is central to our investigation — and it would be highly inappropriate for him to employ the same tactic to withhold information from the Committee," Maloney wrote, via ESPN.

The committee is investigating claims of workplace misconduct and sexual harassment within the Commanders' organization. Among them, 42 former female employees accused Snyder and other executives of sexual harassment and misconduct. Snyder reportedly paid a former employee $1.6 million in a settlement after sexual assault allegations in 2009.

The NFL has fined the team $10 million after it conducted a separate investigation.

Snyder has repeatedly fought calls to testify before the committee. If he accepts the terms the committee put forth Tuesday, he will finally do so July 28.

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