Warriors Ultimate Draft: Full list of picks, all four teams’ rosters

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Editor's note: Monte Poole, Logan Murdock, Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann participated in NBC Sports Bay Area's inaugural Warriors Ultimate Draft. All four chose squads from a 25-man pool of legends from the last 30 years, plus five "classic" players from before 1990. Our team of experts will analyze the merits of each team until a winner is crowned.

It's finally time for the big reveal.

NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors insider Monte Poole, reporter Logan Murdock, and Warriors Outsiders Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann recently participated in the inaugural Warriors Ultimate Draft.

The four experts selected their teams from a 25-man pool of Warriors legends from the past 30 seasons. There also were five players who played before 1990 in the pool.

The draft was snake style, with Liffmann getting the honors of drafting No. 1 overall and selecting Steph Curry. Murdock had the No. 2 pick, Shiller the No. 3 selection and Poole the No. 4.

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So, without further ado, here are all four rosters from the first-ever Warriors Ultimate Draft, in the order the players were picked to each squad.

Slate Team (Liffmann)

1. Steph Curry
2. Klay Thompson
3. Draymond Green
4. Andrew Bogut
5. Jason Richardson
6. David Lee

Gold Team (Murdock)

1. Kevin Durant
2. Chris Webber
3. Mitch Richmond
4. Stephen Jackson
5. Antawn Jamison
6. Joe Smith

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White Team (Shiller)

1. Rick Barry
2. Wilt Chamberlain
3. Tim Hardaway
4. Andre Iguodala
5. Monta Ellis
6. Shaun Livingston

Blue Team (Poole)

1. Chris Mullin
2. Baron Davis
3. Latrell Sprewell
4. Nate Thurmond
5. Gilbert Arenas
6. Billy Owens

There are the four teams. So, who wins?

Click here to see our experts defend their squads

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