Warriors star Steph Curry reacts to Joel Embiid’s injury, 65-game threshold

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers are dealing with a lot at the moment as Joel Embiid is currently down with a meniscus injury in his left knee. The big fella underwent a procedure to fix the issue on Tuesday and will be out for at least a month. The Sixers will then re-evaluate where he is in his recovery.

Embiid suffered the injury in a Jan. 30 loss to the Golden State Warriors. With the Warriors in Philadelphia on Wednesday, star guard Steph Curry gave his thoughts on Embiid’s injury after a 127-104 win over the Sixers on the road.

“You never wanna see anybody in this league let alone a guy –MVP,” Curry stated. “A guy that everybody comes into the arenas, turn on their TVs to watch, so just praying he gets back quick and the injuries are behind him and not part of his story. It’s tough for sure.”

Some believe that Embiid was pushing himself to play against the Warriors on Jan. 30 because he was coming up on the minimum number of games he could miss before not qualifying for the MVP award. The threshold is to play at least 65 games and Embiid was approaching not being able to reach that number.

Curry, a 2-time MVP himself, gave his thoughts on the threshold stating that it is something he would think about when given the MVP award.

“I would’ve thought about it for sure,” Curry added. “I also understand it being—the MVP, especially. Maybe not some of the All-NBA awards or whatnot and that being part of being valuable to your team. Being available. There are decisions that are tough when you’re dealing with injuries or rehabbing or whatnot. I’m one that always wants to come back as fast as possible, but I have to kind of be safe from myself a little bit.”

Essentially, it will be interesting to see what happens with the 65-game rule as time goes on. There will be a situation in the future when a player doesn’t reach that threshold, but clearly deserves the award. Players will also likely rush themselves back in order to reach the number that the policy states.

“Granted, when I was in that, it wasn’t a threshold or anything I had to worry about, but it’s kind of inherent of the definition of what an MVP is, but we’ll see how it shakes out every year when there’s these guys that are on the fringe of whether they should come back or not,” Curry finished. “Hopefully, it won’t be an issue, but we’ll see.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire