Warriors need to make Klay Thompson feel loved

Klay Thompson spent the entire 2023-24 season without a contract extension. The four-time NBA champion is entering unrestricted free agency this summer. The Golden State Warriors have reportedly been dragging their heels on entering negotiations. Thompson is drawing interest from teams around the NBA, and the Warriors front office could be looking to gauge his market value.

According to Kendrick Perkins, who spoke to Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson via the “Scoop B Radio” podcast, the Warriors need to make Thompson feel loved. Perkins pointed toward the recent contract extensions given to Thompson’s teammates, such as the four-year $100 million deal Draymond Green signed last summer.

“He just needs to feel loved,” Perkins said. “I mean, he can’t go wrong either way…Is Klay really happy there? Like, he watched everyone there get a $100 million-plus: Draymond got his $100 million. You watched Andrew Wiggins get his $100 million. You watched Jordan Poole before he got traded get his $100 million… Klay’s like, Damn. When is it my turn?”

Thompson’s future is certainly unclear. He could be tempted by a bigger role on a contending team elsewhere around the NBA. He is not expected to chase a significant payday.

Nevertheless, Thompson has repeatedly discussed his desire to remain with the Warriors and retire in the Bay Area. If the front office provides him with a reasonable offer and a role that makes sense for what he wants to achieve in the final stage of his career, it’s likely he will remain with the franchise. However, the longer the Warriors take to begin those negotiations, the greater the risk that their championship core could break up.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire