Warriors guard Steph Curry ranked 3rd-best player on top 100 list

Steph Curry has finished 3rd in the latest top-100 player rankings, one spot lower than he finished last season. The Golden State Warriors guard, 35, is yet to show signs of aging, with his relentless off-ball movement key to how Steve Kerr likes his Warriors team to play. Curry’s 3-point shooting still remains an elite weapon for the four-time champion. Last season, Curry converted 42.7% of his 11.4 3-point attempts per game.

That shooting ability, relentless movement, and selflessness have seen CBS Sports continually rank Curry within the top 5 players in the NBA. The veteran guard will be heading into the new season with his eyes on a run to the NBA Finals as he looks to add some more championship rings before calling time on his career.

Here’s what CBS Sports had to say about Curry:

“You can still make a case that Curry is the best player in the league. I won’t try to do it. Nikola Jokic has earned the mantle and deserves to not have it debated after what should’ve been a third straight MVP and an NBA title. But Curry remains at the height of his powers, and if you’re sleeping on the Warriors, go take a look at the net rating of their starters last year. Best in the league. Not close. That remains disproportionately due to Curry’s individual shooting prowess and dizzying off-ball movement.”

Curry has enjoyed an action-packed offseason with a golf tournament win, a rap debut, and singing on stage at a Paramore concert. However, the veteran has kept his eyes on the prize and even held a players-only mini-camp ahead of the new season.

Golden State’s official training camp is right around the corner, so it’s safe to assume Curry is back in the lab, looking at ways to continue performing at an elite level as he searches for more success at the tail end of his career.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire