Warriors get trolled by Athletics after Khris Davis extension

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The Oakland Athletics are keeping slugger Khris Davis around for at least two more seasons. The team agreed to a two-year, $33.5 million extension with Davis on Thursday.

Locking players up is something that deserves to be celebrated, so it’s no surprise the A’s took out a full-page newspaper ad announcing the signing. The team’s decision to poke fun at the Golden State Warriors in that ad, however, was a bit unexpected.

The ad read, “KD commits to Oakland.” The team used the same phrase in the press release announcing Davis’ extension, so they were obviously referring to Khris Davis and not the other KD in town.

That would be Warriors forward Kevin Durant, who is all but assured of leaving the team in the offseason. Durant is in the final year of his contract, and many believe he’s going to take his talents elsewhere.

Khris Davis is technically a KD. (Getty Images)
Khris Davis is technically a KD. (Getty Images)

Where does this fall on the joke scale? Is this just playful banter, or is this a malicious shot at Warriors fans?

If you hadn’t heard of the Davis deal and opened the paper to that ad, you would assume Durant had come back, right? You eventually would have seen the Athletics link at the bottom and figured it out, but it would have thrown you for a loop at first.

Thankfully, the Internet makes it impossible to miss stories like that today. Because of that, we’re going to call this just a harmless prank.

Plus, the A’s were just taking advantage of the one time they could poke fun at the Warriors. In a few weeks, the Warriors could be champions again, and using this gag wouldn’t go over nearly as well then.


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