Warriors fall three places in Bleacher Report’s new power rankings

The Golden State Warriors are in “uncharted territory” compared to recent years in the latest edition of Bleacher Report’s weekly NBA power rankings. That territory would be the latter third of the teams in the league after falling three places from Nos. 19 to 22 since the last iteration of the weekly rankings.

Per Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey, beyond “being three games below .500 and posting an underwater point differential,” the Dubs are “still without recently unsuspended Draymond Green and getting unprecedented sound bites from the typically even-keeled Stephen Curry,” who sounds as ready as some sections of the fan base to blow up this version of the Warriors.

Can you blame him after what he has done for the ball club vs. how the team looks of late? “After a decade at or near the top of the league, six Finals appearances and four championships, are we finally witnessing this Warriors era?” asks the B/R analyst.

“Trading either Draymond or Klay Thompson has felt unfathomable for most of the last couple of years, but there’s a real argument they’re no longer maximizing Curry’s chances to sneak one more title onto the resume. This season, Golden State is minus-2.5 points per 100 possessions when the legendary trio of Curry, Green and Thompson is on the floor,” he closes.

Two-timetable rosters do not tend to work out — just ask the Boston Celtics how it went having Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward playing with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum — so it’s clearly time to pick a direction for the Warriors, and the sinking power rankings are just one of many signs that’s true.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire