Warriors’ Draymond Green ranks 15th in latest position rankings

Draymond Green isn’t a top-10 power forward in the NBA, according to a recent article by HoopsHype. Green, 33, has won four championships during his career with the Golden State Warriors. The veteran is also widely viewed as one of the best defensive players in league history.

Still, with so much talent at the power forward position, Green is ranked 14th at his position within the NBA. In part, Green’s ranking is due to his limited offensive game. While the veteran forward is an accomplished passer and often creates scoring opportunities via his movement and screening, he isn’t a trusted source of scoring.

During his article for HoopsHype, Frank Urbina discussed Green’s position within his ranking system.

“Green is still an elite defender who can guard forwards, centers and even some guards, and creates havoc by picking up timely steals and blocks,” Urbina wrote. “He’s also a unique offensive weapon in that he’s a porous outside shooter and will often turn down layups to set up three-point attempts by teammates, but he’s still a respectable enough offensive weapon thanks to his play-making skills, which are basically unmatched by other power forwards.

Green may be frustrating to watch at times, particularly if you’re not rooting for the Warriors but overall, he remains one of the best two-way power forwards in the league and we expect a similar impact from him in 2023-24.”

Regardless of where Green ranks within the NBA, he is invaluable to the Warriors roster due to his elite defensive IQ and leadership qualities.

That’s why it didn’t come as a shock when Mike Dunleavy secured Green’s long-term future with the franchise earlier this summer, courtesy of a four-year $100 million deal.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire