How Warriors' Draymond Green is helping Glenn Robinson III on defense

Logan Murdock

SAN FRANCISCO - Warriors forward Glenn Robinson III came to the Bay Area five months ago in an attempt to revitalize his NBA career. 

One of his goals was to improve his defensive versatility on a team trying to find an identity. Along the way, he's enlisted former Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green for guidance

"We sit right next to each other during films sessions," Robinson admitted following shootaround Friday morning. "So I'm able to kind of pick his brain during the film session and that's huge for me."

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Robinson's father Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson Jr. was known as a potent scorer who left much to be desired of the defensive end during his 11-year career. While vowing to differentiate himself from his father's legacy, Robinson III followed the same path of a maligned defender at the onset of his career.

These days, Warriors coach Steve Kerr has entrusted Robinson III to guard multiple positions. In Golden State's last matchup against the Pelicans, Kerr assigned the forward to defend sharp-shooter JJ Redick on one possession and 6-foot-9 forward Brandon Ingram on another, much to Robinson's delight. 

"I think that it means a lot to me that the coach is able to trust me to guard those players," Robinson III said. "I'm just trying to make stops in the fourth quarter where it's important. I think it would mean stopping is big for me. I'm trying to prove myself on both ends of the court. I think I'm trying to create that resume."

While Kerr has shown trust, it's Green that has been the teacher on the court. In a transitional year marked by losing, it hasn't been uncommon for the forward to stop practice to go over a team concept. Last month, with the team losing three straight games, Green made an impassioned speech during practice in Chicago, pleading for the league's worst team not to sulk through a losing season. 

"Really just kept it real to everybody on the team and was like, 'This is some things, some areas where we're lacking, we need to step up,'" Robinson said. "But the biggest thing is competing and cheering for each other every night. We can't control what's being talked about in the media, we can't control fans, anything but how we approach the game." 

While Green's leadership role has grown, his biggest asset is his defense. Throughout his career, he's been tasked to defend a diverse set of assignments from Dwight Howard to LeBron James. Two seasons ago, during a film session, he called out every one of Oklahoma City Thunder's sets as they happened, leaving his teammates in awe. Along the way, he's impressed those around him with his instincts. 

"The way that he thinks about the whole game is really strategic, step by step," Robinson said. "Every play he can tell you 10 to 15 things about one play, it's crazy. So to be able to break our defensive progression down like that, I don't think I've seen that."

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Now, with Robinson, the veteran is looking to mold the 24-year old in his defensive vision. 

"Just playing with Dray I'm learning things from him every night and he's making it easier on me just by talking," Robinson said. "We all know how loud he can be. So he definitely is creating and making it a little bit easier for me on defense rhythm."

How Warriors' Draymond Green is helping Glenn Robinson III on defense originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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