Draymond Green has no problem with Steve Kerr after outburst: 's--- happens'

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The Golden State Warriors have had more drama than anyone expected this season. But no one is interested in more — not even Draymond Green.

Green is shaking off a recent outburst from coach Steve Kerr, during which Kerr may or may not have said “I’m so f—ing tired of Draymond.” Instead of being angry or lashing out, Green is showing his compassionate side. He told the media on Tuesday that he didn’t take it personally.

"It don't bother me," Green told ESPN after Tuesday's practice. "S--- happens. It is what it is. I'm sure there's plenty of times coaches are tired of players. There's times players are tired of coaches ... I don't take it personal. It is what it is."

Green said he doesn’t even need to talk to Kerr about it and clear the air.

"There's nothing to clear," Green said. "Like I said, s--- happens. We live in a day and age where there's a camera everywhere. So, if anything, we'll probably be more conscious of that. But as far we need to clear the air, there's no air to clear."

For his part, Kerr used humor to deflect his frustrated outburst. He joked that the lip readers were wrong, and he’d actually said “I beg to differ with Draymond’s approach tonight.”

Draymond Green has no problems with Steve Kerr following his outburst. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
Draymond Green has no problems with Steve Kerr following his outburst. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

It’s a long season, and no team feels that more than the Golden State Warriors. They’re going through a rough patch, having won just four of their last ten games. Their last loss on Sunday was to the feeble, futile Phoenix Suns, which couldn’t have made anyone on the team feel good.

This is when drama blossoms. Players are frustrated, coaches are frustrated, and fans are frustrated. But instead of letting the drama flourish into something that could affect the team, both Green and Kerr are working hard to diffuse it. As Dray said, stuff like this is going to happen. Kerr got frustrated at one of his players and let it out, but it doesn’t have to mean anything long term.

It would probably help things a lot of the Warriors won their next game, though. They face the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, a team they played and lost to in late February. Maybe things will go better this time. If they don’t, keep an eye on that social media. It’s a good bet someone on the Warriors will have something interesting to say.

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