Warriors booed at NBA Draft when Adam Silver congratulates 'all-time great team'

NBC Sports Bay Area staff
NBC Sports BayArea

The Warriors are the villains of the NBA.

That much was confirmed Thursday as the NBA Draft festivities were beginning.

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During commissioner Adam Silver's opening remarks, he congratulated the Warriors on winning back-to-back championships and was greeted with boos.

"This past season was defined by countless unforgettable highlights, including a record number of 3-pointers and the leagues highest scoring average in nearly 30 years. The playoff picture was decided in overtime on the last night of the regular season. Both conference finals were decided in Game 7s for the first time in 39 years and the NBA Finals featured some of the all-time greatest players and an all-time great team, the Golden State Warriors," Silver said.

At that point, the fans in Barclay Center let out a huge round of boos.

"Let me congratulate them on back-to-back championships. The Warriors entire organization embodies the values that have long defined this league, the quality and inclusion which judges made solely on talent, effort and achievement," Silver said.

Silver will mention the Warriors again when he announces the No. 28 overall pick of the first round.

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