Warriors' Bob Myers reveals defining aspect of Steph Curry's greatness

Josh Schrock
NBC Sports BayArea

There are many ways to define Steph Curry's greatness both on and off the court.

He's a three-time NBA champion, a two-time league MVP, the greatest shooter of all-time and already is a top-15 player in the history if the game with the top 10 insight. He's a transcendent superstar who can play with anyone, on any team and as long as you have him, your team will contend. In the history of the game, there have been very few players that you can say that about.

"You know what Curry does?" Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers told 95.7 The Game. "He keeps you in every game. He gives you a chance to win every single game, no matter who you are playing, and that ability is what makes him special. So when you have him on your team, there's no ceiling. There's no, 'Oh, we can't win and can't score.' That's what special is ... Better guy than player. We're talking about appreciating him. What you see is what you get. He doesn't do the activism, he doesn't talk about stuff on a podium and go home or get off the microphone and act a different way. As described, he delivers. He's authentic man. And that's probably my favorite part of him.

Over the last six seasons, Curry has risen to the top of the game, taking the Warriors to never-before-seen heights along with him.

Detractors would point the talent he's been surrounded by, the addition of Kevin Durant, and, in their incorrect opinion, some poor NBA FInals performances as reason to knock his greatness. But none of that happens without Curry.

Do you think Durant would have left Oklahoma City for the Bay Area without Curry being on the team and without the Warriors' star's blessing? No chance. Curry is the focal point of the NBA's marquee team of the last decade.

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Like the sun, everything revolves around him. The Warriors go as he goes.

In the three seasons he played with Durant, the Warriors were plus-1.3 points per 48 minutes with Durant on the floor and Curry off. They were plus-12.1 points with Curry on and Durant off.

Curry's greatness is infectious and it permeates not only his teammates but also the culture of the franchise.

If there is any reason to believe the Warriors will return to the top of the NBA next season it's that Curry will be healthy and rested.

He's simply too great to allow them to fail.

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