Warriors 3 goals: Klay Thompson needs to double-down on defense

In the second edition of our “three goals” series, we will be focusing on Klay Thompson. The Golden State Warriors star is entering a contract year and will be looking to prove that he’s still among the best shooting guards in the NBA despite his previous injuries.

Thompson had a solid 2022-23 season for the Warriors, especially on the offensive end, where he averaged 21.9 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game, shooting 41.2% from 3-point range and 43.6% from the field. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement, especially when you’re aiming to win your fifth NBA championship.

With multiple new faces residing within the Warriors locker room, Golden State fans will certainly be excited about what the new season has in store. Yet, the championship core of Steph Curry, Thompson, and Draymond Green will decide how far this iteration of the Warriors goes, along with the recent addition of Chris Paul. 

Thompson is likely to receive another contract from the Warriors. However, his on-court performances will likely dictate it’s value. If Thompson wants to increase his earning potential and challenge for a championship, here are three goals he should work toward in the coming season:


Focus on defense

Since returning from injury, Thompson has been a step or two behind the defender he once was. Part of that downturn is due to age, but the other is that Thompson has likely been focusing on rediscovering his shooting touch and offensive positioning. Coming into this season, Thompson has proven he’s at a similar level to his pre-injury production from 3-point range.

Now is the perfect time for Thompson to re-double his efforts on defense and become the lock-down perimeter defender the Warriors so desperately need him to be.

Make an All-Star team

During a recent interview with Mark Medina, Mychal Thompson claimed that his son would add to his five All-Star selections in the upcoming season. Whether Thompson is part of the All-Star weekend in the upcoming season remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a good goal to have.

The Western Conference is stacked with elite talent at every position, so any goal that could coax an additional 10-15% out of Thompson is one worth having, especially now he will also be fighting for minutes against Chris Paul.

Win a championship

During his trip around China, Thompson made a promise that he would be back there next year with a fifth championship ring. As such, it’s only logical that his third goal for the upcoming season is to win a championship. Of course, that goal would help everyone within the franchise, rather than just Thompson. Still, there’s no better way to begin contract negotiations.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire