Warriors 3 goals: Brandin Podziemski needs to show patience

In the third edition of Warriors Wire’s “three goals” mini-series, we will be taking a look at rookie guard Brandin Podziemski. The Golden State Warriors’ 19th pick in the 2023 NBA draft will have a difficult route to consistent playing time for the Golden State Warriors, a fact that most recent draft picks have faced when joining Steve Kerr’s team.

Nevertheless, a rookie season is more about learning the ropes and understanding how to develop your game within the NBA landscape. As a top-20 pick, Podziemski is clearly talented, but as we saw during Summer League, some holes in his game will need addressing.

With that in mind, Podziemski will likely be splitting his time between the NBA and the G-League as the Warriors look to bring the young guard along slowly before testing his skillset against NBA-level competition. Still, as Klay Thompson ages, Podziemski and Moses Moody will begin battling for the right to consume some of his minutes.

For now, though, here are three goals Podziemski should focus on heading into the new season.



Get accustomed to the system

Steve Kerr’s offensive system is intricate. Not only do you need to buy into the movement aspect of the offense, but you also need to develop a high defensive IQ to sustain the switching system, along with generating offense for yourself when coming off screens or being tasked with ball-handling duties.

As a first-year NBA player, Podziemski needs to focus on getting acclimated to his new surroundings and growing accustomed to the Warriors’ offensive and defensive system. Expecting the rookie guard to make an instant impact would be unrealistic.


Embrace his time in the G-League

Despite being a top-20 pick, Podziemski must embrace any time he spends in the G-League. It may not be the NBA, but it will certainly be a step up in competition for the multi-level scoring guard. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity for Podziemski to develop his game away from the limelight and pressure that comes with being part of the Warriors organization.

Embracing the G-League will also show the Warriors coaching staff that Posziemski is committed to earning his place within the roster and improving his game.

Earn some legitimate minutes

It’s one thing to get some playing time at the end of a blowout; it’s another to be trusted within the rotation during legitimate minutes. This should be Podziemski’s final goal of the upcoming season. If the rookie can get some experience against NBA-level competition while both teams are still playing to win, it will be a sign that he’s improving his game and could potentially crack the rotation in future years.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire