Warren Sapp says Bears are trading Justin Fields to draft Bryce Young

Warren Sapp says Bears are trading Justin Fields originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

How on earth would Warren Sapp know if the Chicago Bears are trading Justin Fields?

Who knows, but he went on a podcast and said that is all he is hearing about. The Bears want to trade Fields for picks and then use the No. 1 overall selection on Alabama's Bryce Young.

We haven't even reached the conference championship games and the offseason rumor mill is in overdrive.

So what did he say?

"What I'm hearing out of Chicago is they're fixing to package him up, trade him for some other pieces and then go with the Bryce kid from Alabama," Sapp said.

Sapp added: "There's smoke everywhere talking about them trading Justin Fields and going after Bryce."

Eye roll.

And if you don't want to believe us saying this is ludicrous, how about from a draft expert.

"[Fields would] be number one," ESPN's Mel Kiper said if Fields and Young were in the same draft class.

"I had Justin [Fields] right behind Trevor Lawrence," Kiper said. "I love Justin Fields coming out now. His passing and all the things we know have to be improved upon. He knows that they got to get better players around him. But, as a dual-threat quarterback who brings that great skill set and can be an elite quarterback. He's shown that. He's made the strides he's developed and he's progressed.

"So I would say they got to feel pretty good where they are."

How about another, like ESPN's Matt Miller.

When asked if the Bears should even think about or consider taking a quarterback with that top pick, the answer was a resounding no from Miller.

"I don't have any quarterback in this class graded higher than I had Justin Fields," Miller said on Football Night in Chicago. "He was my number two quarterback right behind Trevor Lawrence.

"And I think that what we're seeing in Chicago reminds me so much of [Eagles quarterback] Jalen Hurts. One year ago when people in Philadelphia were saying this team has three first-round picks, should they go for broke and get a quarterback? And they said, no, we believe in Jalen Hurts. We're going to use one of those picks to get him AJ Brown and then we're going to use the others to make sure that we have a long-term team around him that can support him and now he's an MVP candidate.

"I think Justin is a quarterback who could be better than Jalen Hurts. I think he can be, you know, an MVP type player. It's just about consistency. It's his first year in this scheme. And we saw the development over the year, really until he got hurt.

"So I don't see anyone in this class that makes me say, gosh, they're definitely better than Justin Fields."

And general manager Ryan Poles didn't shut the door on taking a quarterback in the draft, possibly to incentive trade offers. But he also noted he'd have to be blown away to even consider it.

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