Warren Sapp says the Bears are going to trade Justin Fields

With the Bears in possession of the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft, it didn’t take long for the hot takes to surface about how Chicago should trade quarterback Justin Fields and take a quarterback at No. 1.

We all knew this was going to happen. And yet, we’re somehow still in January and the noise is already insufferable.

We’ve now reached insanity as speculation is now turning into reports that the Bears are going to trade Fields only to draft an unproven Bryce Young at first overall. At least, that’s according to NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp.

“What I’m hearing out of Chicago is they’re fixing to package him up, trade him for some other pieces and then go with the Bryce kid from Alabama,” Sapp said, on the Boone Podcast, via NBC Sports Chicago.

“There’s smoke everywhere talking about them trading Justin Fields and going after Bryce,” Sapp added.

While Poles didn’t necessarily shut down any possibility that the Bears could draft a quarterback at No. 1, he did allude to the fact that it’s pretty unlikely considering he’d have to be “blown away” by any of the quarterback prospects, including Young, C.J. Stroud and Will Levis.

But when you hear draft experts talk about how Fields would be the top quarterback in this draft class — and considering what he accomplished in 2022 with nothing around him — it’s downright silly to believe the Bears are going to trade Fields.


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Story originally appeared on Bears Wire