Warren Moon denies former assistant's harassment allegations

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Warren Moon is accused of sexual harassment. (Getty)
Warren Moon is accused of sexual harassment. (Getty)

Former NFL quarterback Warren Moon took to the airwaves in Seattle on Thursday to deny charges of sexual harassment that a former assistant recently leveled against him in a lawsuit.

“I deny all the allegations, and I am going to fight this,’’ Moon told station KIRO. Moon’s former assistant, Wendy Haskell, has charged that he forced her to wear thong underwear and share a room while the two were on business trips. Haskell also claims Moon slipped a drug into her drink and tried to pull down her bathing suit while on a trip to Mexico.

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However, Moon counters that he believes the suit was filed because he had criticized Haskell’s performance. He said Haskell demanded a payment of $3 million by December 5 or she would proceed with the lawsuit. Moon also characterized his relationship with Haskell as “platonic,” though he did concede that the two shared rooms.

“In hindsight it was probably not the smartest thing to do, to share a room with someone,” Moon said. “But that’s how our relationship started, and it just kind of continued that way, and she never complained about it or said she wanted to do anything differently.’’

The lawsuit charges that Moon told Haskell she had to share his room and wear “skimpy thong lingerie bottoms” while sleeping. Moon, according to the lawsuit, told Haskell that his prior assistant had worked under that arrangement. But Moon says that expecting her to share the room was his only mistake.
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