“I want people to take the sport of golf and use that as a metaphor for their life to become a better person…”

AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF)- One golf apparel brand and Mercedez-Benz USA have partnered to bring the excitement of golf to those in our area who might not get the chance to experience it often.

Eastside Golf and Mercedez-Benz USA are showing people that anybody can enjoy golf– All you need is a club and a little drive.

“Just being out here to support them and showing, you can do it, I look just like them, so you can do it…,” Captain Morehouse Golf Kip Banks said.

“Really, it’s just like– it’s just a break from school and life. It’s just good to be here and play. It’s really a blessing,” W.S. Hornsby Middle School student Jayla Beecham said.

Eastside Golf is just that.

“I want people to take the sport of golf and use that as a metaphor for their life to become a better person…,” Eastside Golf Apparel CoFounder Olajuwon Ajanku said.

A golf apparel brand that aims to bring cultural change to the game.

“We wanted to figure out a way to connect people and we realized that, again, how do we eliminate the financial burden of coming out here and just enjoying the golf course. We can’t make golf cheap but hope that folks will discover that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to hit a bucket of balls. It costs maybe 15, 20 bucks…,” Eastside Golf Apparel CoFounder Earl Cooper said.

Alongside Mercedez-Benz, their goal is to diversify the sport bringing fans and players together at local courses like the Patch.

“Giving these kids opportunities they may not have because at the end of the day, golf is an expensive game, the barriers to entry are very high. It’s just very important to give these kids the opportunity that other kids get…,” Banks said.

Children of all ages enjoyed the community event without the financial barriers golf might bring. But it’s what the sport teaches you, that golfers appreciate most.

“I want women and men to come out here and not feel as though they have to code switch or feel as if they have to be another person in order to be successful. Like you are enough, you are what golf is missing,” Ajanku said.

Organizers want to remind people that your skills don’t always have to be up to “par” or to a “tee” for the sport to be a hit.

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