Want to meet Glenn Robinson and Coolio? Just send the Milwaukee Bucks a fax.

The Milwaukee Bucks are trudging through a terrible season. The team was put together with playoff expectations, but a mixture of injuries, iffy chemistry and on and off-court choices have forced the Bucks into the league’s worst record. And despite the presence of a brand new (and totally not slippery, we swear) court, unsurprisingly the Bucks have had trouble reeling the fans in.

One way around that is to put together novelty nights, such as the one the Bucks have cobbled together for this Saturday. One would think a visit from the Indiana Pacers, they of the NBA’s best record, would bring the fans out in droves, but the Bucks have decided to up the ante and turn this into a celebration of Y2K, paying tribute to former forward Glenn Robinson along the way (his second tribute of the week), with a performance by Coolio at halftime.

Want to meet both of those legends? Just give the Bucks a fax. Look:

From the team’s website:

Remember when Y2K was supposed to spell doom for the technological infrastructure of America? While the turn of the millennium provided to be anticlimactic in some respects, the effects that the years leading up to Y2K had on pop culture are still felt today, for better or worse. The years surrounding Y2K showed us the magical wonders of Harry Potter and MP3s, along with the travails of the dot com bubble bursting and the scourge of reality TV. The Bucks will celebrate this pop cultural confluence with Y2K Night on Saturday, Feb. 22, when the conference-leading Indiana Pacers make their first visit of the season (7:30 p.m. tip).


In addition to Y2K pricing and this unique halftime performance, all fans in attendance will also receive a free retro Glenn Robinson Bucks pennant. All in-arena entertainment during the game will reflect the Y2K-era theme as well, including player introductions, music and in-game contests.

(You’ll recall that in 1999-00, the year of the Y2K furor, the Bucks underachieved under coach George Karl and just barely snuck into the playoffs on the last day of the season over a rebuilding Orlando Magic team, finishing with a 42-40 despite playing in a pitiful Eastern Conference. Some things never change.)

Naturally, the ages-old equipment seems a bit backlogged. From the team’s Twitter account:

We do appreciate the Milwaukee Bucks’ promotional team’s good humor, in times of storm and stress.

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