Shocked 'The Wall' contestant watches $1.3 million slip through his fingers

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Competing for a chance to potentially win $12 million, two brothers played their luck this week on The Wall.

Raised by a single mother in a tough neighborhood outside of Washington D.C., Prince and Chris captured the hearts of the audience, and host Chris Hardwick, with their positive vibes and strong brotherly love. “Growing up with your hero at the house is always a great thing because it gave me the confidence to achieve things that most people never dream to achieve,” Chris told his older brother. “The way you’re a honorable person, the way that you set the standard for police officers throughout this country, you really are the ultimate warrior. I love you so much, and I just want to honor you.”

Following the first round, the two scored big with $100,043. However, in the second round, when Chris went behind the wall into “isolation,” Prince played his luck on stage and things got intense.  Prince was weirdly good at the game, scoring big and barely losing. In fact, at one point, host Chris Harrison even asked him, “How are you doing this?” Prince ultimately brought his total to $1.5 million going into the final round, and it was his infectious positivity and optimism that made anyone watching truly happy for him.

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Unfortunately, it was in the final round that Prince’s luck ran out. Dropping three red balls into two $500,000 slots and one $300,000 slot, the final total landed at $159,813. Within seconds, Prince watched $1.3 million slip through his fingers.

In total, younger brother Chris (in isolation) answered three questions correctly, which guaranteed them $60,000 on top of the $100,043 they went into the game with, if Chris signed the contract. Chris ultimately decided to tear up the contract, because he chose to place his faith in whatever amount Prince won on the wall. In the end, the brothers went home with $159,813 (just $230 less than the amount they would have won if Chris had signed the contract) and, of course, the two overly positive brothers were absolutely thrilled.

The Wall airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. Watch clips and full episodes of The Wall for free on Yahoo View.

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