Wales vs Portugal LIVE: Rugby World Cup result and reaction as Morgan and Lake score tries

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Wales continued their winning streak at the Rugby World Cup with by triumphing over Portugal in a testing encounter at the Stade de Nice.

Louis Rees Zammit gave Warren Gatland’s much changed side the early lead going over inside the first 10 minutes before Portugal responded with a penalty kick to get some points on the board.

The first half proved to be a tight affair as Portugal showed off flair and stamina in defence but Dewi Lake’s try just before the break released the shackles on the Welsh. Jac Morgan scored to secure the points before Portugal went over with a wonderfully worked try from a lineout.

As time died away Wales targeted a bonus point try that came from Taulupe Faletau in the final action of the match.

Relive all the action from the Stade de Nice below.

Wales vs Portugal

  • Portugal thrill to give Wales a scare and show why rugby must broaden the borders

  • Wales defeat Portugal in a Pool C encounter at the Rugby World Cup

  • Full-time! Wales 28-8 Portugal

  • TRY! Wales 28-8 Portugal (Taulupe Faletau, 83 minutes)

  • TRY! Wales 21-8 Portugal, (Nicolas Martins, 63 minutes)

  • TRY! Wales 21-3 Portugal (Jac Morgan, 56 minutes)

  • TRY! Wales 14-3 Portugal, (Dewi Lake, 42 minutes)

  • PENALTY! Wales 7-3 Portugal (Samuel Marques, 37 minutes)

  • TRY! Wales 7-0 Portugal (Louis Rees Zammit, 9 minutes)

Ireland vs Tonga talking points

19:08 , Mike Jones

Strong selection

With the formidable Springboks looming large, there were suggestions head coach Andy Farrell may make sweeping changes to his starting line-up.

But the Englishman has resisted temptation and gone almost full strength. Only sidelined hooker Dan Sheehan and scrum-half Jamison Gibson-Park are missing from arguably his preferred XV.

Farrell made clear he wishes to prioritise the immediate challenge rather than become preoccupied by potential injury setbacks and the forthcoming threat of the reigning world champions. Some fans and pundits disagree with that logic.

Only time will tell if it is the correct call.

Portugal thrill to give Wales a scare and show why rugby must broaden the borders

19:02 , Mike Jones

Minnows no more. If there is one thing that is abundantly clear about this Rugby World Cup, it is that the less established nations are here to play. For much of this encounter Portugal bounced around the Stade de Nice like free electrons, all energy, ideas and attacking ambition. It took until 83 minutes had elapsed for Taulupe Faletau to force his way through for a bonus point score as Wales just about escaped with a full five points.

After Uruguay gave France an almighty fright in Lille on Thursday night, Portugal here did likewise to a much-changed Welsh side. Gone most certainly, are the days of smaller nations turning up hoping to avoid a cricket score, of misjudged howls about player safety and of five points being pre-written in. Uruguay, Chile and Portugal, to name just three, may lack the up-front muscle to match their opponents, but have a clutch of backline dancers each that have relished the chance to strut their stuff across these opening days of the most competitive World Cup yet.

It must be noted, too, that so many of these nations are developing despite sometimes erratic schedules, and with limited opportunities, if any at all, against the world’s top ten. How World Rugby must now provide these more consistently to support and sustain a sport that needs to broaden its borders. A proposed global league is on the way but that would lock the have nots out - the breadth and depth of talent readily apparent in this opening week needs to be better celebrated.

Portugal thrill to give Wales a scare and show why rugby must broaden the borders

Ireland vs Tonga

18:54 , Mike Jones

The report for Wales’ victory over Portugal is on it’s way as is more reaction but we’re also going to build-up to Ireland’s clash with Tonga that kicks off at 8pm.

Full-time! Wales 28-8 Portugal

18:45 , Mike Jones

Word has come through that Vincent Pinto’s yellow card has been upgraded to a red for dangerous play. He did catch Josh Adams right on the top of his left eye so it wasn’t safe.

He’s going to be a big miss for Portugal going forward. Wales will be happy though they managed to get the job done and secure a bonus point.

TRY! Wales 28-8 Portugal (Taulupe Faletau, 83 minutes)

18:42 , Mike Jones

Wales’ final chance for a bonus comes after a late penalty from Portugal. They feed it into a scrum and work the ball across to Taulupe Faletau who forces himself over the line!

Wales have their bonus point!

Wales 21-8 Portugal

18:36 , Mike Jones

Vincent Pinto is sent to the sin bin! He leaps up to catch an aerial ball and as he drops his right leg trails behind and catches Josh Adams on the forehead.

The officials see that as a yellow card offence and it’s been referred to the TMO bunker. There’s not enough time left in the match to see if Pinto’s ‘kick’ will be upgraded to a red.

That decision will come after the final whistle.

NO TRY! Wales 21-8 Portugal, 76 minutes

18:33 , Mike Jones

The try and conversion have been ruled out for an obstruction in the build-up as Rees Zammit collected the ball. That also means Wales don’t have a bonus point for scoring a fourth try.

There’s still four minutes or so for them to get one.

TRY! Wales 28-8 Portugal (Gareth Davies, 75 minutes)

18:32 , Mike Jones

Wales drop the ball in the middle of the pitch but Louis Rees Zammit is the first to react. He scoops it up and drives throught the gap before sprinting towards the posts.

Just as he’s about to get tackled, Rees Zammit offloads and Gareth Davies dives over the line. Leigh Halfpenny then converts but the officials aren’t happy.

They’re taking another look at this.

Wales 21-8 Portugal, 73 minutes

18:30 , Mike Jones

Mason Grady takes out a man without the ball and Portugal’s penalty results in them pinging the ball into Wales’ half. The chance of a bonus point is slipping away from Wales as Portugal target another try of their own.

Wales 21-8 Portugal, 70 minutes

18:27 , Mike Jones

Wales are starting to relax.

There’s 10 minutes or so left in the game and they’re pushing on for a bonus point. Portugal don’t seem like they’ll be able to close the gap so Warren Gatland’s side will give it their all in the final few minutes.

Wales 21-8 Portugal, 66 minutes

18:20 , Mike Jones

Harry Latham-Coyle at the Stade de Nice:

"A huge roar as Nicolas Martins crossed in the corner, a nifty lineout move beautifully executed. Mike Tadjer, 34 and making a World Cup debut after 12 years of representing the country of his father, celebrated with a mighty, mighty punch of the air"

TRY! Wales 21-8 Portugal, (Nicolas Martins, 63 minutes)

18:19 , Mike Jones

Incredible try from Portugal!

The lineout is caught at the peak of the lift before the ball is immediately offloaded to Nicolas Martins. Wales are asleep and Martins nips through the gap at the front of the lineout before diving over the line.

The conversion is missed but Portugal celebrate that fantastic move and rightly so.

Wales 21-3 Portugal, 61 minutes

18:15 , Mike Jones

Portugal look fluid with the ball in hand and that is exemplified by replacement Raffaele Storti. He twists and weaves out of a couple of tackles before getting brough down 10 metres or so away from the Welsh try line.

A knock on and an offside award Portugal a penalty and they decide to run it. They want a try.

TRY! Wales 21-3 Portugal (Jac Morgan, 56 minutes)

18:10 , Mike Jones

This try is very similar to Wales’ second one. They inch closer and closer to the line before Jac Morgan drives over and Leigh Halfpenny completes the conversion.

The sting is eking away from Portugal who have a big mountain to climb now.

Wales 14-3 Portugal, 53 minutes

18:08 , Mike Jones

Portugal have been given an all round warning, first for collapsing the scrum and then for not allowing Williams to release the ball. They’re under pressure from Wales who are determined to get a third try with this attack.

From the next scrum, Wales run left with Tomos Williams carrying the ball. He looks for the offload but isbrough down before he can pass.

Wales 14-3 Portugal, 53 minutes

18:06 , Mike Jones

Wales try to get the ball on the outside after flinging the ball over to Johnny Williams. He’s brought down illegally and Portugal have to deal with a Welsh scrum right near their own try line.

Wales 14-3 Portugal, 50 minutes

18:01 , Mike Jones

Wales need to play smart. They need to keep hold of the ball, wear Portugal down and slowly force their way up the pitch. Instead the game is very open with mistakes happening on both sides.

Portugal win a penalty but Samuel Marques pushes it too wide and the lead remains 11 points.

Wales 14-3 Portugal, 44 minutes

17:56 , Mike Jones

Gareth Anscombe boots the ball into touch for a lineout after Wales in a penalty in a decent position. Nicolas Martins intercepts the ball in the lineout though and boot it away to ease a bit of the pressure.

They recover the ball and Wales have wasted a decent opportunity to press their advantage.

Second half! Wales 14-3 Portugal

17:51 , Mike Jones

Dewi Lake’s side get the second half started in Nice. Neither head coach has made any changes at the break so everything is as we were.

Can Wales dominate or will Portugal fight back over the next 40 minutes?

HT Wales 14-3 Portugal

17:49 , Mike Jones

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Harry Latham-Coyle at the Stade de Nice

17:42 , Mike Jones

"A superb 40 minutes of rugby. Portugal's attacking ambition has been increasingly married with an intelligent kicking game, and they will probably feel a little unfortunate to go in 11 points down.

“The concession of that Dewi Lake try will frustrate them, though - the Wales captain bundled between the bodies a little bit too easily."

Half-time! Wales 14-3 Portugal

17:39 , Mike Jones

That second try has given Wales a bit of a cushion but they know they’ve got a game on their hands here. Portugal have been solid and aggressive.

There’s a big second half coming up.

TRY! Wales 14-3 Portugal, (Dewi Lake, 42 minutes)

17:35 , Mike Jones

Wales think they’ve got a penalty right at the end of the half have a try disallowed.

A couple of mistakes in the build-up from Portugal though allow the Welsh a second attempt and captain Dewi Lake drives over the line to ease the pressure on Warren Gatland’s men.

PENALTY! Wales 7-3 Portugal (Samuel Marques, 37 minutes)

17:30 , Mike Jones

Portugal attempt a drop goal and miss knowing they’ve got themselves a penalty advantage. They decide to kick now and Samuel Marques doesn’t miss this time.

Portugal are on the board.

Wales 7-0 Portugal, 33 minutes

17:26 , Mike Jones

Johnny Williams has been sin binned for playing the ball on the ground. It’s a silly mistake from the Welshman and it’s put his team under pressure with just a few minutes remaining in the first half.

Wales 7-0 Portugal, 25 minutes

17:17 , Mike Jones

Nuno Sousa Guedes is challenged in the air for the ball and wins Portugal a penalty. They decide to kick it into touch for a lineout and attempt to drive a maul towards the try line.

Wales hold firm though and force the ball out into touch.

Wales 7-0 Portugal, 21 minutes

17:10 , Mike Jones

Harry Latham-Coyle at the Stade de Nice:

"This is a cracking contest. There are a significant number of Portugal fans in, chanting their country's name with gusto and getting the neutrals to join in.

“And why not? Patrice Lagisquett's side are showing intent to play from anywhere, with Nuno Sousa Guedes a charmer with his snaking hips and Samuel Marques making everything tick.

“Plenty of water taken on at the break - it's been pretty breathless stuff so far."

Wales 7-0 Portugal, 20 minutes

17:08 , Mike Jones

Halfway through this first half and Wales are in a real battle here. They try to push through for another try but lose the ball and Portugal counter.

An offload comes across to Jeronimo Portela but he’s dragged back by Tomos Williams who gives away a penalty.

Wales 7-0 Portugal, 16 minutes

17:06 , Mike Jones

Crazy good defending! The game opens up with Portugal in possession and Nicolas Martins spies a gap in Wales’ line. He bursts through it and looks to have a clear run at the try line.

Taulupe Faletau puts on the burners and charges across the pitch before dragging Martins to the floor as the last line of defence. Wales then keep Portugal at bay and boot the ball to the other side of the pitch.

Wales 7-0 Portugal, 12 minutes

17:00 , Mike Jones

Lees Zammit kicks the ball up the field and Wales track it down brilliantly. The Portugal fly half, Jeronimo Portela, scuffs his return kick and finds touch leaving Warren Gatland’s men with some decent field position.

Can they make use of it?

TRY! Wales 7-0 Portugal (Louis Rees Zammit, 9 minutes)

16:58 , Mike Jones

What a lovely try this is from Wales.

From the ruck they fling the ball quickly out to the right wing where it comes to Jac Morgan. He holds it up to draw in a tackle before offloading to Louis Rees Zammit right on the touchline.

A dainty little kick from the winger gets him behind the Portugal line and he goes over for the opening try! Leigh Halfpenny converts without much trouble.

Wales 0-0 Portugal, 7 minutes

16:54 , Mike Jones

Harry Latham-Coyle reporting from the Stade de Nice: "A bright start from Portugal, holding their width well defensively and then showing some creativity and continuity in attack.

“That's a poor miss from Samuel Marques, though - the French-based scrum half is usually solid from the tee"

Wales 0-0 Portugal, 4 minutes

16:52 , Mike Jones

Johnny Williams gives away a penalty for tackling from an offside position and Portugal can’t make use of their advantage so they’re going to kick for three points.

Samuel Marques is the kicker but he pings the ball into the outside of the right post and the scores remain level!

Wales 0-0 Portugal, 3 minutes

16:50 , Mike Jones

Wales start the match strongly. Driving into the Portugal line and working the ball quickly to both sides of the pitch. After 10 phases they give away a penalty for not releasing and the Portuguese boot the ball inside the Welsh 22.

Warren Gatland’s side need to defend well here.

Kick off! Wales vs Portgual

16:47 , Mike Jones

Wales have made a whole bunch of changes to the starting XV - though Jac Morgan is back in due to an injury to Tommy Reffell - yet they should be strong enough to defeat Portugal in Nice this afternoon.

Warren Gatland’s men will be aiming for the bonus point for tries scored but their main focus is to win the game first and foremost.

Portugal get the match started.

Harry Latham-Coyle at the Stade de Nice

16:42 , Mike Jones

"A late change for Wales - Tommy Reffell hurt himself in the warm-up, with Jac Morgan called in to the starting side at the last moment."

Wales vs Portugal line-ups

16:38 , Mike Jones

Wales XV: 15-Leigh Halfpenny, 14-Louis Rees Zammit, 13-Mason Grady, 12-Johnny William, 11-Rio Dyer, 10-Gareth Anscombe, 9-Tomos Williams, 1-Nicky Smith, 2-Dewi Lake, 3-Dillon Lewis, 4-Christ Tshiunza, 5-Dafydd Jenkins, 6-Dan Lydiate, 7-Tommy Reffell, 8-Taulupe Faletau.

Replacements: 16-Ryan Elias, 17-Corey Domachowski, 18-Tomas Francis, 19-Adam Beard, 20-Taine Basham, 21-Gareth Davies, 22-Sam Costelow, 23-Josh Adams.

Portugal XV: 15-Nuno Sousa Guedes, 14-Vincent Pinto, 13-José Lima, 12-Tomás Appleton, 11-Rodrigo Marta, 10-Jerónimo Portela, 9-Samuel Marques, 1-Francisco Fernandes, 2-Mike Tadjer, 3-Anthony Alves, 4-José Madeira, 5-Steevy Cerqueira, 6-João Granate, 7-Nicolas Martins, 8-Rafael Simões.

Replacements: 16-David Costa, 17-Lionel Campergue, 18-Diogo Hasse Ferreira, 19-Martim Belo, 20-David Wallis, 21-Pedro Lucas, 22-Joris Moura, 23-Raffaele Storti.

Wales vs Portugal

16:33 , Mike Jones

The Welsh fans are ready to go in Nice. Kick off for this one is a touch under quarter of an hour away now.

 (Getty Images)

Wales vs Portugal

16:26 , Mike Jones

Wales vs Portugal is due to kick off at 4.45pm BST on Saturday 16 September at the Stade de Nice.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the match live on ITV1, with coverage on the channel from 4pm BST. Registered users can also stream the action via ITVX.

Harry Latham-Coyle at the Stade de Nice

16:25 , Mike Jones

"Plenty of rain a little bit earlier today in Nice, but the sun is now out and the weather set fair with kick off approaching.

“Wales are working through a few backline moves, Gareth Anscombe pulling the strings and testing out that troublesome thumb that ruled him out of the warm-up games.

“A Wales win feels a certainty, but this a fun Portuguese side - can they give Warren Gatland's men a bit of a fright?"

Wales vs Portugal referee: Who is Rugby World Cup official Karl Dickson?

16:17 , Mike Jones

England’s Karl Dickson is one of the officials at the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

The former professional player ended a long top-level career in 2017 having narrowly missed out on international caps.

Younger brother Lee, also a scrum half, appeared 18 times for England between 2012 and 2014.

However, Karl has rapidly risen through the refereeing ranks after starting his officiating journey while still playing for Harlequins.

Wales vs Portugal referee: Who is Rugby World Cup official Karl Dickson?

Full-time! Samoa 43-10 Chile

16:10 , Mike Jones

Samao close out their Pool D clash with Chile in style as they score a try from a line-out and maul. Sama Malolo goes over for his second try of the match before the conversion is kicked over the top.

This is a statement victory from the Pacific Islanders who will believe they can make it out of this pool and reach the knockout rounds.

Wales vs Portugal

16:08 , Mike Jones

For Portugal there are 19 survivors in the match-day 23 - who will all be making their Rugby World Cup debuts - from the side which secured their place at RWC 2023 with a 16-16 draw against USA in Dubai last November, with seven players in the starting XV aged 30 or older.

Four players in the squad - Anthony Alvès, Joris Moura, Steevy Cerqueira and Vincent Pinto - represented France at age-grade level (U17s, U18s or U20s), with right-wing Pinto winning the World Rugby U20 Championships in 2019 with France.

Wales bid to build on Fiji win as Portugal make ‘special’ World Cup return

16:00 , Mike Jones

“How do Portugal beat Wales?” Patrice Lagisquet repeated the question, considering it deeply, pushing his spectacles further up on to the bridge of his nose. As a player, Lagisquet was known as the “Bayonne Express” on account of his near world-class sprinting speed; here, in the less than salubrious surroundings of a suburban sports hall just outside of Nice, he was taking his time.

A legend of Basque rugby, Lagisquet has, for the past four years, been head coach of Portugal, making their Rugby World Cup return after 16 years away from the tournament. But for Spain being booted out of the qualification process after fielding a player later ruled ineligible, they wouldn’t be here at all – prop Gavin van der Berg’s forged passport earned Portugal a spot in the final repechage tournament, and a tense 16-16 draw with the United States in Dubai last November sealed their tournament comeback.

Plenty of this current squad’s formative rugby memories come from 2007, when Os Lobos were beaten in every game but proved popular for their spirit and commitment. The group from 16 years ago have been in touch with the current iteration ahead of this tournament, while Luis Pissarra, the vice-captain then, is now one of Lagisquet’s assistants.

Wales bid to build on Fiji win as Portugal make ‘special’ World Cup return

Wales taking heed of France-Uruguay battle as they prepare for minnows Portugal

15:49 , Mike Jones

Mike Forshaw says Wales will reference Uruguay’s odds-defying display against France when they tackle Rugby World Cup minnows Portugal on Saturday.

Uruguay, despite being ranked 17th in the world, produced an outstanding performance before going down to a 27-12 defeat.

They denied Les Bleus a bonus point and will undoubtedly provide inspiration for fellow World Cup underdogs such as Portugal, Chile and Namibia.

Wales are expected to brush aside Patrice Lagisquet’s team in the countries’ first meeting for 29 years.

Wales taking heed of France-Uruguay battle as they prepare for minnows Portugal

Rugby World Cup power rankings: Which nations move up after opening weekend?

15:38 , Mike Jones

The Rugby World Cup is up and running after an action-packed opening weekend.

France underlined their title credentials against New Zealand in Paris, while George Ford produced an outstanding individual performance with the boot to take 14-man England to a much-needed win against Argentina.

South Africa squeezed Scotland in Marseille as the defending champions got off to a solid start before Wales and Fiji contested the game of the tournament so far.

Rugby World Cup power rankings: Which nations move up after opening weekend?

Samoa 36-10 Chile

15:31 , Mike Jones

Replacement prop Sama Malolo, who came on at half-time, gets the ball over the line for Samoa once again and they’ve secured a bonus point for tries scored.

There’s still 25 minutes left in this match so they’ll be hoping to notch up an even bigger score.

Wales vs Portugal talking points

15:28 , Mike Jones

What is Portugal’s World Cup record?

They qualified for the 2007 tournament, which was also held in France, being drawn in a tough group alongside Scotland and New Zealand.

The Scots defeated them 56-10, before the All Blacks posted a points century. A 31-5 reversal followed against Italy, before Portugal regrouped impressively and went close to upsetting Romania before they were edged out 14-10.

Former France wing Patrice Lagisquet is now their head coach, and recent form has been strong, notably a 46-20 World Cup warm-up win against the United States and a battling loss to Australia A.

They qualified for the 2023 World Cup by winning a repechage competition in Dubai.

Samoa 29-10 Chile

15:23 , Mike Jones

Samoa are starting to burst away from Chile now after two quick second half tries.

Jonathan Taumateine gets the first one after starting the move by switching the direction of play. Theo McFarland picks up the ball and drives for the line before flipping it back to Taumateine who leaps over the line.

A rolling maul forms for the next try and Chile can’t stop it. Flanker Fritz Lee grounds the ball over the line but Leali’ifano’s conversion hits the upright and bounces away.

Wales vs Portugal talking points

15:18 , Mike Jones

Wales cut loose in Lisbon

It is 29 years since Wales and Portugal faced each other, and a one-sided affair played out in the Portuguese capital.

After making a World Cup pool exit in 1991, it meant Wales having to qualify for the next tournament. Portugal were despatched 102-11, with Wales running in 16 tries.

Wing Nigel Walker scored four of them, while there were hat-tricks for Ieuan Evans and Mike Hall as a Wales team that also included the likes of Neil Jenkins, Robert Jones, Gareth Llewellyn and Scott Quinnell ran riot. Wales successfully finished the qualifying job in Madrid seven days later, seeing off Spain 54-0.

Wales vs Portugal talking points

15:09 , Mike Jones

Warren Gatland in his element

The Wales head coach’s body language currently exudes belief and confidence.

While he readily acknowledged a fraught final 10 minutes of last weekend’s victory over Fiji, ultimately Wales’ 32-26 success made an immediate statement in the quest to top Pool C.

Gatland’s World Cup record shows semi-final appearances either side of reaching the 2015 quarter-finals, providing sustained excellence.

He has the air of someone eyeing not only a repeat performance of four years ago in Japan, but to go even better. It is early days, yet the initial signs could hardly be more encouraging.

Wales vs Portugal talking points

15:00 , Mike Jones

A glimpse of the future

Wales’ starting line-up on Saturday is littered with players who could provide foundation stones for teams way beyond the current World Cup.

Exeter locks Dafydd Jenkins and Christ Tshiunza are just 20 and 21, centre Mason Grady is 21, wing Louis Rees-Zammit 22 and captain Dewi Lake only 24, highlighting a rich seam of young talent available to head coach Gatland.

There are also those that missed the World Cup cut this time around – Max Llewellyn, Tom Rogers and Joe Roberts, among others – who could easily feature in the Six Nations squad later this season, suggesting that promising times lie ahead.

Samoa 19-10 Chile

14:58 , Mike Jones

Right at the end of the half Samoa open up a decent lead heading into the break. They have a nine point advantage in Bordeaux after full-back Duncan Paia’aua receives the ball out wide and flies up the pitch to score Samoa’s first try of the match.

All to play for in the second half.

Wales vs Portugal talking points

14:51 , Mike Jones

Wales have immediate momentum

The Fiji fixture in Bordeaux had been on Wales’ World Cup radar ever since the draw was made, with Warren Gatland’s squad knowing that victory over dangerous opposition would put them on a quarter-final course.

While they were hanging on at times during the closing stages, Wales got the job done and did it in bonus-point fashion. Another five-pointer should follow against Portugal, setting them up to face Australia eight days later.

If Fiji defeat the Wallabies on Sunday in Saint-Etienne, then Wales would be in control of the group.

Samoa 9-10 Chile

14:43 , Mike Jones

Matias Garafulic takes the next kick for Chile, it’s their first penalty within range of the posts in the first half and he makes now mistakes punting it over the top of the crossbar.

Chile regain the lead with half an hour played.

Wales vs Portugal

14:35 , Mike Jones

Stade de Nice will host an international rugby test for only the second time after it was the venue for France’s 32-3 victory against Scotland on 17 August 2019.

It is the home of Ligue 1 club OGC Nice, and staged matches during Euro 2016 and the Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019.

This is the first of four games to be played at this venue in this tournament, with England vs Japan, Italy vs Uruguay and Scotland vs Tonga also scheduled.

Samoa 9-7 Chile

14:30 , Mike Jones

A third regulation kick is sent over the top by Christian Leali’ifano and Samoa are back in the lead. Ulupano Junior Seuteni is back on the pitch after his yellow card sin bin time is up.

The two teams take a water break with 21 minutes gone on the clock.

Samoa 6-7 Chile

14:17 , Mike Jones

Samoa took the early lead with a penalty kick easily dispatched between the sticks but it hasn’t taken long for Chile to respond. Their forwards push Samoa onto the back foot and repeatedly dive for the line.

Prop Matias Dittus barges his way through for the first try of the day and the conversion is booted over the crossbar.

Just before the 10 minute mark, Samoan centre Ulupano Junior Seuteni is sent to the sin bin for a poor challenge but the Pacific Islanders have kicked a second penalty over as well.

This will be a close one.

Samoa vs Chile

14:05 , Mike Jones

The first Rugby World Cup game of the day is being played in Bordeaux as Samoa take on Chile in Pool D. The match has just kicked off and it is Samoa’s first outing in the tournament after they sat out the first week’s fixtures.

Rugby World Cup fixtures today

12:57 , Lawrence Ostlere

Here is the line-up today in France, with three games taking place. Somoa begin their tournament against Pool D minnows Chile, Wales are looking to continue their winning start as they take on Portugal in Pool C, before tonight’s showdown between Ireland and Tonga in that highly competitive Pool A.

Samoa vs Chile (1400 BST) in Bordeaux

Wales vs Portugal (1645) in Nice

Ireland vs Tonga (2000) in Nantes

Rugby World Cup: Wales vs Portugal

12:53 , Lawrence Ostlere

Follow all the latest updates from Wales vs Portugal today.