Wake Forest kicker misses field goal after kicking ball over upright

Nick Bromberg
So close. (via ESPN)
So close. (via ESPN)

Wake Forest kicker Mike Weaver sure wishes the uprights were taller at Clemson.

Weaver missed a 34-yard field goal in the first quarter Saturday because he kicked the ball over one of the uprights.

(Via ESPN)
(Via ESPN)

So close. Weaver was convinced after the kick that it went through, but his protests were futile. According to NCAA rules, “if the ball is higher than the top of the uprights as it crosses the end line, the play may not be reviewed.”

Because the play is not reviewable there needs to be a better solution for field goals. Can’t there be some sort of electronic system that can tell if the ball was inside the uprights?

But given that a ball could bounce off the inside of an upright and go through, taller uprights would be by far the easiest — and most natural — solution. Let’s make this happen.

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