Vontaze Burfict has a completely expected ally in Bill Romanowski: 'I feel for this guy'

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When watching video of Vontaze Burfict squaring up, lowering his head and spearing a defenseless Jack Doyle in the head with his helmet, it’s unfathomable to think that somebody would come to his defense.

Then you’re reminded that Bill Romanowski exists. And learn that Romanowski sympathizes with Burfict after he was suspended the rest of the season for assaulting Doyle. And OK, of course. That all makes sense.

That the dirtiest player of his generation feels a kindred spirit with the reigning champion of wanton, reckless, irresponsibly violent football should come as no surprise.

Romanowski: Burfict ‘has cleaned up his act’

Romanowski delivered an impassioned defense of Burfict on Tuesday while explaining to TMZ that “you have no idea how many times I did that in my career.”

“You're in the heat of battle,” Romanowski said. “Your mindset is kill or be killed. Because the offensive linemen are still coming at you. You're in war. You're supposed to be able to be violent sometimes and other times you're supposed be able to just take your foot off the gas like that. That is hard, my friend.

“I feel for this guy. Do I think he should be fined? Yes. Do I think he should be kicked out of the league? No. I think it is absolutely dead wrong. This guy has handled himself like a pro. And yes, he is a violent mother f’er, and I love the way he plays the game of football. I truly believe this guy has cleaned up his act.”

Romanowski went on to say that Burfict “plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played” while calling his suspension “bulls---.”

You get the idea.

Having Bill Romanowski in his corner doesn't help Vontaze Burfict's case. (Getty)
Having Bill Romanowski in his corner doesn't help Vontaze Burfict's case. (Getty)

Romanowski’s dirty, violent career

In case you’ve forgotten or aren’t familiar with Romanowski’s credentials, here’s a brief snippet.

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The former Raiders, Broncos, Eagles and 49ers linebacker broke Kerry Collins’ jaw with an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit in 1997. He spit in the face of 49ers receiver J.J. Stokes the same year. He ended the career of Raiders tight end and teammate Marcus Williams when he ripped his helmet off in practice and broke his eye socket with a punch to the face in 2003.

That’s just a small sampling of Romanowski’s greatest hits.

This is Burfict’s ally.

In defending Burfict, Romanowski is only strengthening the case that the Raiders linebacker doesn’t belong in the league.


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