Von Miller targets the all-time sack record

Mike Florio

Good news for Von Miller: He has more sacks before turning 30 than all-time sacks leader Bruce Smith had before turning 30.

Bad news for Von Miller: Bruce Smith had 92 sacks before turning 30 . . . and 108 after turning 30. Which means that Miller will need 103 sacks in his 30s to break Smith’s record.

“It’s encouraging,” Miller told Peter King of NBCSports.com regarding whether it’s doable. “It’s definitely encouraging. Coach Fangio — we’ve got new leadership here — and says, ‘You now, don’t make any proclamations.’ And I’m all for that. I’ve got a great coach here, one of the best coaches that I’ve ever had in my life. . . . He’s an outside linebackers guy. He’s coached a lot of great ones. I want to be his greatest product yet.”

Miller said that he’s adjusting on little things that will elevate his game. Fangio previously has said that by doing the little things correctly Miller will indeed get better.

However it turns out, Miller has plenty of sacks that he still needs to get in order to get past Smith. If Fangio can help Miller get better, the chances of that happening get greater.

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