Vlad Guerrero Jr. took a page of the MLB record book away from Danny Ainge, of all people

Mike Oz

Of all the people that Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the most-hyped prospect baseball has seen in years, could be linked to, we’re pretty certain nobody ever expected this one.

And we’re talking about a guy who has already been rubbing elbows with Drake.

Vlad Jr. put himself in the Toronto Blue Jays record books Tuesday night when he hit first (and later his second) career homers against the San Francisco Giants. At 20 years and 59 days old, he became the youngest player in Jays history to hit a homer in the big leagues.

Who had the record before? Unless you’ve memorized the Blue Jays record book, you’ll never guess.

It’s not Carlos Delgado or Tony Fernandez or Vernon Wells or Fred McGriff. Nope, it’s a guy better known for a different type of ball altogether. Vlad Jr. broke the record held by Danny Ainge of all people!

These days, you probably know Ainge as the president of the Boston Celtics. You may also remember him as the Phoenix Suns head coach or a two-time NBA Finals-winning player with the Celtics. But do you remember him as a young Toronto Blue Jay?

Vlad Jr. (right) beat Danny Ainge in the Blue Jays record book. (Getty Images)
Vlad Jr. (R) beat Danny Ainge in the Blue Jays record book. (Getty Images)

It’s true. Ainge was drafted by the Blue Jays in 1977 and made it to the big leagues in 1979 at 20 years old. He hit his only two homers that season and none the next. After playing 86 games for the Jays in 1981 with a .187 batting average, Ainge decided to try basketball instead. It’ll go down in history as the right choice, as basketball has been more fruitful than baseball figured to.

His baseball career did have provide this one little bit of history. But not anymore. Not in the Vlad Jr. era.

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