Vlad Guerrero Jr. pulls off masterful Instagram troll that had baseball fans freaking out

Calm down, baseball fans and fantasy fanatics, it doesn’t appear that Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the prized Toronto Blue Jays prospect, is coming to the major leagues just yet. Despite what appear to be his best efforts to troll us all on Instagram.

What happened?

Vlad Jr. — the 19-year-old son of soon-to-be Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero who is in Double-A for the Jays — posted a picture of himself Monday afternoon at the JFK Airport in New York City. The Jays start a series with the Mets on Tuesday in Queens, so social-media sleuths were immediately on the case.

One problem:

Yep, it turns out Vlad Jr. posted the same exact photo of himself in December at JFK. Talk about blowback from a throwback. It’s like he knew sports fans are obsessive and love to jump to conclusions about players!

Baseball Twitter’s excitement tanked and instead, it looks like Vlad Jr. is an A+ troll — or he’s completely unaware that baseball fans are literally hoping every day that he gets called up. Even our own Jeff Passan was talking about it hours before Vlad Jr.’s IG selection:

All this for a 19-year-old in the minors?

Yeah, pretty much. Now that Ronald Acuna Jr. is up with the Atlanta Braves, Vlad Jr. is the prospect to watch in baseball. It helps that he plays in the Blue Jays system and Canadian baseball fans LOVE Vlad Sr.

Beyond that, Vlad Jr. has been off to a flaming-hot start this season in Double-A. He’s hitting .397/.447/.645 with five homers and 36 RBIs in 31 games. He’s been hitting homers that look like this:

How did it all end?

The way enough social-media driven stories end — he deleted the post!

And apparently Vlad Jr. is still hanging with his Double-A teammates:

Vlad Jr. is not coming to MLB today, it turns out, but he’s coming soon. And if you weren’t already paying attention, you should be.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. created had baseball fans freaking out online. (Getty Images)
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. created had baseball fans freaking out online. (Getty Images)

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