This Vitamin-C Shower Filter Makes My Hair Soft and My Bathroom Smell Like Lavender

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If you've ever experienced the effects of hard water—dry skin, brittle hair, and tough-to-clean calcium stains—you either know it's the cause, or it could be the answer you've been looking for when it comes to those issues. Either way, a hard water softener can save you and your home from the often irritating effects of mineral deposits. When it comes to other unnatural contaminants that sneak into our water systems, chlorine is one that's worth the effort to filter out. Good news is, the Brondell VivaSpring Aromatic Water Filter does the work for you, neutralizing free chlorine with vitamin C. Your hair and skin will thank you.

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For those who don't quite understand free chlorine vs. just chlorine (like I didn't), here's an abridged lesson: Essentially, combined chlorine binds to water and free chlorine binds to the combined chlorine, creating total chlorine—the sanitizer we're familiar with. Free chlorine on its own, which is necessary for water's potability but can be harsh on skin and hair, finds its way through our water supply and destroys the natural, protective barrier that makes hair shiny and strong. It can also be absorbed by skin, causing itching and irritation. Wondering about your own water's free chlorine levels? Try one of these strip tests from Hatch.

I can attest to the difference the VivaSpring filter makes. Even while living in a city that prides itself on its water quality, I clearly had some free chlorine coming through before adding the filter because I noticed my hair was easier to brush and my dry skin was less parched after one use. It's been a month, and now I'll even forget to moisturize after some showers. The fact that it was such an easy change to make for all of this good stuff to happen has me kicking myself that I didn't get one sooner (maybe before I went and gave myself a pixie cut).

With just a few twists, I easily installed my lavender-infused water filter. Every shower since has been as close to a full-on spa treatment as I could hope for at home.

vitamin c
vitamin c

To buy: $16 (was $20),

I used to add a few drops of essential oil to the floor of my shower, but it would last all of three minutes before its aroma and benefits washed away. The Brondell water filter's aromas are consistent and subtle. Available in seven scents, including lavender, rose water, lemon, and one unscented option, this filter allows you to bathe in the spa water of your choice.

Right now, Amazon has the Brondel VivaSpring Water Filter listed at 20 percent off its original price. I personally intend to stock up on $16 replacements while I can to keep my skin soft and hair shiny—act fast if you do, too!