Virginia football activities canceled because of Charlottesville protests

White supremacy protests in Charlottesville, Virginia forced the cancellation of Virginia fall sports’ Meet the Team event and a movie night at Scott Stadium.

The football team was scheduled to be available for autographs at 6:30 p.m. After an hour-long autograph session, “Beauty and the Beast” was scheduled to be shown on the video board at the stadium.

Before the football team was scheduled to sign autographs, the women’s field hockey and volleyball teams were scheduled to have their sessions.

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The cancellation of the fall sports events was part of a widespread cancellation of all activities in the afternoon and evening by the university because of the protests. A men’s soccer exhibition was also canceled.

One person is dead after a car drove into a crowd of people counter-protesting the white nationalist rally. Others were injured. The counter-protest hit by the car was a peaceful one. Earlier in the day, police were involved in breaking up a conflict between the original protesters and those protesting the white nationalism protests.

The protests were originally planned after the city’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. President Donald Trump condemned violence “on both sides” in a Saturday afternoon statement, refusing to explicitly call out the reasons for the original protests.

Follow the latest developments in Charlottesville via Yahoo News.

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