The Vinny Del Negro name game, featuring 'Kurt' Hinrich

Vinny Del Negro is an interesting guy. Somehow, he always wins exactly 50% of his regular season games. On occasion he's been known to tussle with his boss. His favorite food is probably pasta fagioli because of Italian-American stereotypes. And we'll never forget that he looks like a combination of Luke Wilson and John Cusack. He might not be long for the Chicago Bulls, but he's kind of an endearing guy when he's not mis-coaching a team.

One of VDN's most endearing traits is his mispronunciation of Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich's name. He's so close.

One of Kirk Hinrich's biggest fans doesn't even call him by the right name.

Chicago Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro, long an admirer of the veteran guard, continually calls him "Kurt."

He has all season. It's a running joke among the media corps at this point, although Hinrich doesn't seem to mind. He knows Del Negro knows who he is and that the coach has his back when it seems like people may be turning on him.

This is hilarious. Vinny Del Negro is a living, breathing embodiment of this scene from "Step Brothers." Keep doin' it.

And while it's an old story, it's still tons of fun. In fact, I think we can make a little game of it. All you do is take an NBA player and change his first name to something very close to the original name. Here's a few to get you started.

• Paul Gasol

• Luis Amundson

• LaRon James

• Gordon Farmar

• Rick Collison

So easy, but so good. Let's hear 'em in the comments.

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